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Here’s the handbill for my upcoming show

clarity con amigos handbill picMy third Christ Church Cathedral concert will take place on May 16th, and this time I’m bringing friends!

This July I will join the Student Christian Movement on a trip to El Salvador to study South American liberation theology with Jose “Chencho” Alas, a personal friend of Oscar Romero. This concert is a fundraiser to help cover costs for this unique opportunity to enrich my ministry for the benefit of the whole church. Admission will be by donation, with bonus gifts for minimum donations!
Join me and special surprise guest musicians for a fun evening of original music and covers.

I’m really looking forward to the show, even though my heart is heavy because I had hoped to have my Dad playing with me as one of my special guests. There are several songs that I will dedicate to his memory (and really, the whole show is a tribute).

I hope to see you there!


My father loved me (Poem)

My father was a mountain
and I a goat

neither speaking the same language
but aware
every path known, yet unstudied
simply etched
into the flesh
burned and bronzed
in yellow eyes

a goat loves her mountain:
she knows it chose to give her life
fresh lichen and bloody berries
spring up unbidden, and treasured for that

a goat loves her mountain:
a quiet companion to fears and tears
an open stage for dancing and laughter

a goat loves her mountain

but there are paths unwalked

vistas un-visioned
streams unseen
which water strange plants
both sour and sweet

deep wounds in fragile dirt
and stretches of virgin rock
that will still stand
when the sun runs down like a ragged fuse
and all things explode into naked nothing

my father was a mountain
and I a goat

I search simple stones
I pare perfect grass
I bleat into chasms

I hunt
for a hidden heart